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ISSA VIBES Pisces Affair Recap


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Ladies and gentlemen, it was truly a celebration of some of Fresno's finest Pisces. And I am honored to have been a part of such an amazing day for all of you. First and foremost, let's give a round of applause to the stunning  Talia Neal. She truly slayed with her beauty and grace. And let's not forget to book with her new business T’Monique Beauty Bar, because she is a true boss lady.  Alberta Marqui Malone, you were the life of the party, even though you left early, you showed us your hidden talent for karaoke after a few drinks.. Keep shining, girl! Jeremy Williams, where were you all night? We were all excited to finally see you out and about. But you never showed up. Well, I guess we will have to catch you at the next bash. 




Christina White, you blessed us with some amazing afrobeats music. And I must say, we need more of that in Fresno. Let's tap into our culture and embrace it. After all, we are all family here.  Erik J. Fuller, you said you were partying with us, but we saw you at the Aries bash instead. No worries, we still love you for showing your support.  Jerry Da Voice Bowers, we were all waiting for you to bless us with your amazing voice. But you were a no-show. Nevertheless, thank you for your support and we hope to see you next time. Lakeisha Combs, you truly are a goddess. Your outfit was on point and you set the standard for all the ladies.Thank you for bringing the ISSA Vibes to our celebration.



Yasmine Haynes, your whole entourage was a vibe. From taking over the DJ booth to the amazing bottle service, you truly know how to party. And it was a pleasure celebrating with your daughter, Maci. We can see where she gets her class from. Stacey Va'Nae Mitchell, even though you were getting over a cold, you still showed up to support. And we promise to make it bigger and better for you next year. Leah Watters and her husband, you both came dressed to impress. This is what true couple goals look like. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again next year. Yonea' Desire, our amazing bartender, you were lit and having a blast with your twin. I must admit, I kept mixing the two of you up all night. And your mom looks just like you, I can only imagine what your dad looks like. 





Theo Owens, thank you for being our DJ for the night. Who knew Spotify DJ's were the future? You kept the party going and we appreciate you. Tina Greathouse, another no-show, but we still love and appreciate you for supporting us over the years. I still remember your birthday from years ago, and we will definitely have to do it big like that again. Angela Murphy, you were hiding from me all night. Let's connect soon and catch up. Britney Finley, you rocked that green dress. We see you, girl!



Alyssa Lozado, we knew when we handed you the phone to DJ, you were going to take it to the next level. Thank you for turning up with us and for your continuous support. Tiesia, thank you for the last-minute call and for celebrating your birthday with us. And yes, I will definitely be needing a massage soon. Everyone, make sure to support her business Massage Lives Matter


And last but not least, special thanks to Diedre Curry for celebrating with us, even though she wasn't on the flyer. Make sure to check out her business at


Also special thanks to Tanika B'Real Branch & Niko Myles Robinson for celebrating with us. To all my fellow Pisces, thank you for celebrating with me. Until next year, see you soon. Keep shining and keep spreading love and positivity.



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To Our Community,

We have all heard the news, seen the headlines, and felt the shock and disappointment when we found out that our idols, our role models, our heroes, have fallen from grace. Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Bill Cosby, and now, Diddy. These names may be familiar to you, but not for their talents or accomplishments, but for their wrongdoings. And let me tell you, it breaks my heart to see such talented individuals fall from grace.

But let's not forget, they were once at the top of their game. They were praised, adored, and worshipped by millions. They were blessed with wealth, power, and fame. And yet, they chose to misuse and abuse their blessings. They chose to engage in actions that were not only morally wrong but also illegal. And now, they are paying the price for their actions.

Diddy, a man who was once seen as a mogul, a visionary, a game-changer, is now in a place that no one wants to be in. He is in HELL, not the literal one, but the one that comes with facing the consequences of one's actions. He thought he was untouchable, that his money and status would shield him from any repercussions. But he was wrong.

The truth always comes out, no matter how hard someone tries to hide it. And when it does, there is no escape. Diddy may have thought he was above the law, but now he is facing the consequences for his actions. And let me tell you, it's not pretty.

But what is even more disheartening is the fact that this is not a new story. It's a recurring one, with different names and faces, but the same plot. And it begs the question, why? Why do these individuals, who have everything, risk it all for a moment of pleasure or power? Is it greed? Is it a sense of entitlement? Is it a lack of moral compass? I cannot answer that for them, but I implore you, my fellow citizens, to reflect on this and ask yourselves, what would you do if you were in their shoes?

We often look up to celebrities and public figures, but let this be a reminder that they are human, capable of making mistakes and facing consequences just like the rest of us. And let this also be a reminder that no amount of money or power can shield someone from the consequences of their actions.

In closing, I urge you all to not take pleasure in someone's downfall or revel in drama. Instead, let us use these moments as lessons and strive to be better individuals, to use our blessings for good and not for harm. And as for Diddy, I hope he learns from his mistakes and uses his platform to bring about positive change in the world.

Thank you.

Adrian Vibes Harris 



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Two years ago, Mike's food truck may have exploded into flames, but this past weekend, "Planet Vegan" was thriving. It was a symbol of hope, resilience, and community support. And for Mike, it was a dream come true. He had turned his tragedy into triumph, and his passion for veganism had not only changed his life but the lives of those around him. 




18 months ago, Mike's business was halted after being destroyed in a fire that injured a bystander and McElroy’s business partner Joe Ellis. Ellis spent several months in the hospital with second- and third-degree burns but is expected to return to work in February 2024. The community of Fresno rallied around Mike, showing an outpouring of support and love. They organized fundraising campaigns and donated their time and resources to help him get back on his feet. With their help, Mike was able to raise enough funds to launch a brick-mortar restaurant. 




The grand opening of "Planet Vegan" was a huge success, with lines of people eagerly waiting to try out Mike's famous vegan burgers and fries. The menu was simple yet delicious, and every dish was made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Mike's passion for veganism and his love for cooking shone through in every bite, and customers couldn't get enough.





VIsit them on their Facebook Or Instagram for more information!

Facebook Planet Vegan

Instagram Planet Vegan



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As the clock struck midnight, the opulent halls of "The Rosé" in Fresno, California, played host to an extraordinary celebration that encapsulated glamour, culture, and community. Curated by a collaboration of six talented African American promoters,  Ricardo Parker, Marques Anthony,  Vincent Mays, Alex Myles, Feather Da-Wyz & Adrian Vibes Harris. 


The six promoters, with their distinct styles and visions, joined forces to craft an evening that transcended boundaries, fostering connections and solidarity within the community. The collaborative effort of the promoters infused the event with a rich tapestry of experiences. Each promoter brought their unique touch, contributing diverse elements that coalesced seamlessly to create an unforgettable soirée. 

The New Year's Masquerade at "The Rosé" was not merely an event; it was a celebration of culture, creativity, and camaraderie. It exemplified the power of collaboration, demonstrating that when individuals come together, they can create magic and weave unforgettable moments that resonate deeply with everyone present. DJ Straws & DJ Koolfiyah kept the night lit with some of the hottest music. 


As the clock wound down, and the echoes of laughter and music lingered in the air, attendees departed, carrying with them memories of an exquisite night—a night that symbolized unity, diversity, and the beauty of collective effort.




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A Dailey Journey to Bosshood


Mysti Dailey was born in Fresno, California. A miracle child born to Gill and Estelle Dailey, who had taken measures to no longer conceive children. Her surprise conception has always been described as a heaven sent blessing, by her God fearing parents. They always believed that Mysti was put on this Earth with a purpose, and instilled values that would keep her determined to fulfill that purpose. From birth Mysti has overcome trials and tribulations that have laid the foundation for her to be the inspirational woman she is today. And, the lessons she has learned in her walk of life have led her to develop a “Boss Lady Mindset.” As she is a proud black business owner that has built her companies on the values of self-determination, family, and community.

Mysti was always a smart, intuitive young lady. As the baby girl of the family, she watched her mother and father set the standard, she remembers nothing but the best from them, as they were and still are hardworking and prosperous trailblazers. She amounts her success to God and her parents, through their leadership and very supportive parents.

Mysti’s love for and sense of community was developed in her childhood neighborhood “Butler Park” and in the time she spent with family on the westside of Fresno. As a young girl Mysti spent a lot of time with her Grandma Cox and a neighbor, Ms. Helen. Through the two and her mother, she gained a love for cooking, sewing, and arts and crafts. In addition, she loved going to the Mosqueda Center, and the Hinton Community Center with her grandmother to help with the community food giveaways. This planted a seed and gave her a sense of community at a very young age.

Mysti graduated from Roosevelt High School at the age of 16 and went on to attend University of California, Davis as a biology major. Without a doubt, she always knew that she would be successful. Little did she know, she would be a game changer and the boss lady that she's become.

Mysti had her first born at the age of 17.5, with her then boyfriend and soon-to-be husband 4 years later, while pregnant with her 2nd child she married the man who she thought would be her lifetime partner. She was a devoted wife, mother who continued to climb in her professional career.


In 1965, her mother gave birth to her much older brother Eugene. At 3 months old, Eugene had fallen sick and was given Penicillin at the doctor’s office. He suffered from a severe allergic reaction, which caused a delay in his brain development, later leading him to be confined in a wheelchair with limited social skills. In 1984, Eugene passed away from a seizure at the age of 21. This life changing event is what inspired her parents to go into business. Honoring their son through helping others, this is a true way of keeping his legacy alive. In July of 1987, Dailey’s Home Care was opened, which would be the first of many. Growing up, Mysti watched her parents' efforts and ultimately began working for them full time, after returning from college. From what her parents demonstrated her life has always been a journey of doing God's work and helping others. Mysti always maintained employment in a managerial role outside of the family business while working for her parents as well. Through their service, Mysti has even grown up with residents that've been part of her family for more than 35 years, watching both her and her children grow up over the years.



Throughout her marriage she suffered in silence but was able to persevere for her children. In 2005, Central Valley Regional Center approached Mysti to open a specialized home, the first in Fresno, this was a great honor. Mysti became pregnant with her 3rd, upon opening her adult residential care facility for the intellectually disabled. Mysti and her husband had one more child in 2008.Mysti followed God’s direction for her life and decided to leave Pearly Grove Church, the church she was raised in and God placed her at Liberty Christian Fellowship. This move led her to find the place to fulfill the vision she had been given as a child to love, help and lead those like her brother. Liberty had a 7000 sqft building just sitting and Mysti saw something great approached the Pastor with her plan and they leased her the building. Mysti decided to extend her services to others by opening her adult day program in 2010. Mysti rose to the occasion of running two businesses and raising her children herself, despite having a spouse.


It was only 4 years later, when Mysti finally filed for divorce, which allowed her to be set free from a situation that kept her from being her true self. After leaving this toxic environment, she found herself thriving, living her life to its fullest extent and stepping into her own skin. She defeated death twice, it is evident that God is not done with her and has so much in store for this woman. With her own legacy and 4 children later, this woman of God decided to step out in faith. Taking over the game in a real way, now owner of all the land she once leased from the church and continuing, but also beginning her legacy for her generations to come.

As a black woman, in such a unique field, Mysti inevitably was setting the blueprint and breaking barriers for future women and minorities altogether. Low and behold 18 years later she is a C.E.O and serial entrepreneur. As she changes the lives of individuals and families in a variety of unique spaces. She is the Owner and Director of Trinity Development Center, an Adult Day Program, in its 13th year of service. C.E.O of Trinity Dev. Community Center a nonprofit that is currently anticipating its 15th year of service. She is also the C.E.O of Medina Residential Homecare, which has been open for 18 years. Furthermore, she is the co-owner and executive chef of The Rosé, in downtown Fresno, giving job opportunities for those she serves at Trinity Development Center. She is proud to say she is the Founder of her dream foundation which she and her fiancé plan to take worldwide, I.D.C. Intellectual Disabilities Community, giving individuals with Intellectual and Physical disabilities a voice, a space independence and a light in a judgment free world.


The Rosé "No Cost Venue" 559-907-2406

Through keeping God first, lots of prayer and meditation, this mother, grandmother, and fiancé, remains steadfast to the empire. The known and behind the scene sacrifices that this boss endures, doesn't go unnoticed. Mysti is passionate and her heart is present in the services she provides. She gives the best of herself to her family, clients and all that she encounters throughout the city of Fresno. She is genuine in her efforts and has to be twice as intentional with making sure she stops to smell the roses.

With two decades of service approaching, asking her a few tips on the game, was absolute. Mysti says life/business has taught her that; “Hard work does really pay off, I’m a living example of it. Nothing in life is handed to you, my family and I have worked hard to be where we are, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth, my parents worked hard to provide a damn good life for me and my siblings and they came from nothing, my children and I lived through hell and I did not let it stop me, we are conquerors, so I don’t believe in excuses. Work hard for what you want and don’t stop even when you get it. Know your surroundings and the people in your circle. Take notes, gain all the knowledge you can, because knowledge is power! Most importantly, in business you can make mistakes, learn from them, BUT you cannot make excuses, there's no room for excuses. Take accountability and be responsible for your actions, that's how you grow and climb.”

Ten years from now this Boss of the decade plans to have completed her lifetime goals and be in early retirement. She looks forward to enjoying the fruits of her labor, enjoying her family, while positioning her children and grandchildren for full inexcusable generational excellence.

“Your word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light on my path.” Psalms 119:105 NIV



Written By: Tanisha Sorrell

Edited By: Naomi Medina, Justice Medina

Join Mysti Dailey on October 31 at 11am for her Grand Opening & Trunk or Treat in the evening at 6pm

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The Rosé Grand Opening



The Rosè 2021 Nye Red Carpet Gala, was its first night of business and soft launch. This breathtaking new restaurant - venue located in the heart of downtown, merely hosted a fun filled, dress to impress class act. Hosted by a local comedian and everyone's favorite public figure, Feather Da’Wyz. Without hesitation, guests filled the downtown area with an undeniable vibe, as this night to remember was the perfect way to bring in the new year! Doors opened at 7pm, with an exquisite cocktail hour. Dinner was five star, entertainment featured DJ Peter, followed by local band “The Box '' who was sensationally unmatched. The beautification at "The Rosè" alone offered a welcoming thrill, a lavish 360 selfie station and a diverse crowd that danced the night away.

This Gala was created with purpose, as proceeds and donations impacted the Trinity Development Center. A nonprofit with a vision of educating and equipping individuals with developmental disabilities, since 2009. Owners and Couple - Mysti Dailey and Adrian Harris, like minded entrepreneurs joining business ventures with an inspiration to innovatively change the narrative. A key goal is to revitalize communities, utilizing developed & discovered skill sets throughout integrating our intellectual disabilities committee. There is currently a zero percent integrated work community for these individuals, and we anticipate changing the narrative and bridging the workforce gap.

Love filled the room more and more over the night, resulting in a surprise proposal from Adrian Harris, to the lady of the hour & Queen, Mysti Dailey. These sophisticated, hardworking partners in business, expanding their partnership in love was an instant motivation to all who shared and witnessed. With the support of Family and children from near and far Adrian undoubtedly professed his love, gifting her 24 roses, a customized song and a ring, just as beautiful as his bride to be.

This sold out event was the first of many sold out events. Rosè is the standard host, promoting safety and diversity through multicultural gatherings of top tier elegance. Our Mission is to demonstrate excellence on every level. We’re community driven and encourage you to consider our venue for your 2022 events. Private and personal events are inspired. We anticipate hosting unlimited moments & life changing memories, the Rosè way!

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On Sunday April 23, Fresno will host the very first Freskanda Gala at The Rosé at 4pm, Honoring and celebrating The Grandfather of Fresno Kiehende Solwazi 


The name Freskanda derived from the epic movie we all know as Wakanda. Following the unexpected death of Chadwick Boseman, Harris was inspired by his legacy to be the next Black Panther of Fresno, creating Freskanda. Chadwick Boseman was a known hero and superhero to our youth, his death left a lot of people heartbroken. While Chadwick was being The Black Panther we all knew,, he was also fighting colon cancer secretly, only a hand few of his family members knew of this. His personal battles never stopped him, he fought until the end, like the superhero he was. 


Kehinde and Adrian Live to carry on his legacy and what he represented through Freskanda efforts here in Fresno, while raising awareness about colon cancer.  Furthermore educating and encouraging men and women of all ages to get checked regularly.  March is Colon cancer awareness month  & our Annual Freskanda Gala will be held the following month, honoring the late, Chadwick. There will also include seminar and activities held in March to further spread awareness and educate the community. 


On Sunday April 23 we will be Honoring & celebrating Dr. Kehinde Solwazi for his Leadership.  (The Chadwick boseman award will be for our local Panther of the year. Displaying courage, unlimited strength, while teaching and paving the way for generations of Panthers to come. we give him his flowers, while celebrating his birthday we welcome you and encourage your finest Freskanda gear.  See you there!

Kehinde has contributed to established strong community ties among the African American community in the central valley, while actively serving in various organizations such as the Black Political Council, United Black Men-UBM, Fresno City College Black Faculty Association. As an Emeritus professor, Kehinde retired from the teaching desk honorably after establishing the African American studies program and a scholarship in his name. Today, the “Kehinde Solwazi's scholarship” stands as his legacy and love for supporting and empowering young black students. yet, Kehinde is gearing up to be an artist again.

“I love to paint, now that I’m retired, I can do all the drawing and painting I wish”.

Let's honor and Celebrate Kehinde Solwazi purchase tickets  (Click here) RSVP @Eventbrite


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Dolls kitchen, home of gourmet food, specializing in everything good! Let's take a look into the life and story of the woman behind it all. 

DOLLS KITCHEN was established in 2015, by Ms. Gloria Hall, whose life and story embodies the simplicity of never giving up! Quiet as kept, Ms. Gloria Hall has had an interesting journey landing her to the restaurant  she finally calls home! From selling plates on corners, to opening her own restaurant, giving up has never been an option!


Ms. Gloria Hall was born and raised in Fresno California, in the early sixties. She went to Kirk Elementary and graduated from Edison High School. In this era, she shared that families were tight, and “would always come together”. She was the third eldest of fourteen children. Her father Leo, was a hard working farm owner & pitmaster from Texas, who once ran for city council. Her mother was an awesome homemaker, affectionately known as Doll, who she credits for values, and her love for cooking. At 9 years old she told her mom, one day she would open a restaurant, they had a special bond, she’d often tell her, she could do anything she put her mind to, and to “keep the food consistent”.


In her younger years, life took a toll and Gloria found herself in a life of drugs. This was not the life she was taught and she knew in her heart, she would overcome. In October of 1994, after getting arrested for the first time, Gloria made the decision that would be her first and last time. Upon being released after two months, she attended the “Amazing Grace” program, which was the start of a new life for her and her children. She made the total change, and this is when her childhood love for cooking was rebirthed. By the grace of God, she has been sober since 1994.


From 2015 - 2017 Doll’s kitchen was on the corner of Jensen and Chestnut, in the supermarket. At the time, this was a dream coming true. This location will always be dear, as leaving this location was due to expanding. From 2017-2018 she moved to a store on Chestnut and McKinley, this was the start of offering the dine in experience.  She closed her doors to support her family, unfortunately death had a toll.


The anticipated wait to return to the kitchen for Gloria is finally over! She has taken the time to restructure and is more prepared than ever to cater, serve and give the city of fresno, her nine year old dream that's  come true! As the April 1st grand opening approaches, she is humbled and says this is all “Through the Grace of God”. This Great grandmother, Sports loving, cowboy fan, says she is here to stay, demonstrating resilience at its finest. 


She Acknowledges her best friend Annette Harper, who reminded her in the tough times, to keep going. The efforts of Annette allowed her to make a name for herself in the Sacramento and Los Angeles area. She also Honors her friend and late sponsor, Rudy Jackson as a source of spiritual guidance and inspiration. She gives the utmost gratitude to her children and family, with a special thanks to her son Terrance for his personal sacrifices of relocating and leadership. 

She aims to live a life and share a story that merely pleases God, while inspiring others . She is unashamed and lives in her truth and if she can inspire one person, is fulfilled. She wants other minority business owners and those that aspire to keep going. “ We need more of you”. She wants to thank all of her online and walk-in customers and invite everyone in the city to meet her at the new location! As for Ms. Gloria and Dolls Kitchen, the best is yet to come, and we hope to see you and your family, April first!



Proverbs 18:16  “A Man’s Gift Maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men”

Writer by: Tanisha Sorrell

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Fresno Vibe is back and better than ever!

After a 2-year hiatus, due to health and other pressing factors,  Adrian Harris founder of Fresno Vibes is making his return. Mr. Harris has been known for his outstanding work in bringing change and entertainment to the beautiful city of Fresno, California.  With a new outlook and perception on Life, Mr. Harris is ready to finish what he started.


Born and raised in Houston, a city flourishing with a thriving nightlife and people that hustle to make things happen, it was evident to him that Fresno was missing something and he was determined to be that missing piece to the puzzle that Fresno desperately needed. 

At its highest peak in 2019, before covid, Fresno Vibe was a Trendsetter in the community. Serving as a space for aspiring entrepreneurs, millennial game changers or simply those who wanted to be involved and didn't know where to start. Harris' began hosting professional business mixers, and genuine spaces for real leaders and people to connect. He changed the game, from grown and sexy club events, a magazine publication, food festivals, business consulting and community advocacy, and award shows, he ultimately became that missing piece that Fresno needed. . 



So, what happened to the Vibe? What happened to Adrian Vibe Harris, the man with a plan, carrying the weight of the city on his shoulders? Why the 2 year hiatus, disappearing from the scene he worked so hard to build?

Adrian was determined and worked assiduously to build his legacy, executing multiple festivals, award and community events, he was eager to level up current business owners, helping to build up aspiring entrepreneurs, and create a platform for anyone to obtain the American dream in becoming a boss in their own right.  Working hours on end and carrying this weight on his shoulders came with a price. The stress of being a sole organizer without an established team, the backlash and ridicule from those hating the monumental strides he was accomplishing, not to mention the addiction to the rush he received from working under pressure, executing events, festivals and his Black Magical Women awards back-to-back. He loved the thrill, it gave him a rush.  The end result was satisfying, yet temporary, leaving Mr. Harris with a greater desire to take his own ventures to the next level and help more individuals.  All these factors ultimately took a toll on his life, his health declined resulting in him having multiple hospitalizations and an urgent need to put his health first.  If it was not for the pandemic,  Adrian would have continued to press forward, pushing himself at any cost.


Adrian was forced to take time, much needed self-reflection and to get his house and health in order.  Taking care of himself first, helping himself first, ensuring that his foundation is unbreakable, before being able to fully help the city and others.

“You cannot save others from drowning, without first saving yourself. Only then will you be able to throw them a lifeline and pull them to the surface.”

                                                                         -Adrian Harris 

While interviewing Adrian he said “With God first, myself, my family, business, and community in that order, my foundation is solid.  By pouring into myself, I have been able to be a better partner, build better relationships with my children and others. I wasn’t able to see things clear, until God walked with me through the valley to get me to the top of the mountain. I have arrived at the top and I can see things clearly and with a better perspective.”

“Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.”


At this point you’re probably wondering, what now, what’s next?  What can we expect for Adrian Vibe Harris to bring to the table? Man!? Was all that time he took for self-reflection useful or even worth it? Did he regroup and change things up for something greater?  

Let me be the first to tell you, I definitely can attest to this!  The Vibe is back! Bigger and greater than ever before without a doubt.  Adrian never lost sight of his dream, he found life sustaining fresh air, learned how to breath it in and rose through it all.  He has made a subtle return by; 

Opening one of Fresno's premier all-inclusive venues, The Rosé.  Adrian is relaunching, an online community for people to connect, obtain information, and stay up to date on current events. Adrian will be Opening a studio for photography and Videography offering professional services to business owners needing high quality videos & pictures.  Adrian is set to Launch Fresno Vibes Festivals in 2023. Adrian will also be launching a Pop-up Event Cohort, giving away his valuable and priceless knowledge to inspire the next generation of promoters and event organizers. 

Furthermore Adrian will be relaunching his very own Fresno Vibes magazine publication as well as The Black Magical Women Award Show (BMW).  Stay tuned by becoming a member of  community and receive the information first for all upcoming events, classes and community information.






Written By: Mysti Dailey

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Born and raised in the “Golden West” side of Fresno, Ca. Ms. Kina Shenise Mc Fadden, has always been driven by her love and passion for people. Kina has been a dedicated leader in her community for over fifteen years. Born and raised in the “Golden West” side of Fresno, Ca. Ms. Kina Shenise Mc Fadden, has always been driven by her love and passion for people. Kina has been a dedicated leader in her community for over fifteen years. Ms. McFadden began her career in special events and marketing for Tachi Casino Palace, before her divine appointment as event coordinator, for united one productions. It was there she participated in the successes of well known fundraisers; the celebrity golf tournament and the Christian music awards. 


Throughout her duration of event directing, she co- founded and held the position of marketing director of Kina represents boldness, and has demonstrated quality leadership and overall, Black excellence. Her mother is both her best friend and biggest inspiration, and she remembers being told as a little girl, to be all that she can be.With a maters in Business Administration, Ms. McFadden has contracted with events of all sizes, from New York to Europe, with stops in between. Having connected with entities such as BET, MTV, OSCARS, Grammys, Showtime, TBN, GMC, and Sony gospel to name a few. She is currently the CEO & Founder of “Eye Connect Dots” where she assures, you stay connected!


Today Kina sits on several Boards, committees, and collaborations such as “Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life” and “Take A Stand” as she has a special love for youth. Kina has spent more than 15 years devoting her life to building relationships, in the community of Fresno, the county and internationally. Seasoned in hosting events, event coordinating, public speaking, Entertaining, business development, public relations and inspirational singing. Ms. McFadden’s leadership, service skills and unwavering commitment to excellence will continue to connect dots, and impact Communities. 


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ”


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 Sonya Williams-Wilson was born and raised in Fresno California .   The only child of Albert & Mattie Williams. Sonya attended Hoover High School and University Of Phoenix where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. 

Sonya opened her First Business at an early age with  her dad Classic Hot Dogs in 1995. Where she owned and operated a Hot Dog Cart. Since a young age my parents have always instilled hard work and perseverance.

Sonya has been employed by KAISER PERMANENTE for the past 24 year along with Opening  Several business with her husband Myrick Wilson.


En-Touch Communication 1996-2003 One of the 1st communication and Pager Companies located in West Fresno.

Mad Illustrations  is a Printing Business located in Downtown Fresno across from The Fresno Bee.  Establish in 2005 in one of the oldest Printing Districts . As a Business Owner and Community Advocate Mad Illustrators has collaborated with several non-profits to form a training programs for at risk young adults and formerly incarcerated individuals.  



Sonya  is the mother of Denim Kani and son Myrick Jr. Sonya also enjoys dancing with Fresno Soul Steppers & exercising with Black Girls Run Central Valley.


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Rena Price, born in Pasadena, CA raised majority of her life in Fresno, CA. Mother of 3 magical
daughters, 26, 25, and 8. Humility and helping others being one of her strengths in characters, she has
been naturally drawn towards the profession of financial services where she strives to teach the
understanding of how important it is to invest in our financial future at an early age and the vehicles
available to do so.


Rena came into her calling by being disabled due to some work-related injuries and is
now a Licensed Ordained Minister, has published and is the author of a book called "Let’s Keep It 100 and awaken truth within," and has 8 more books in the making.


Rena took the time her doctor gave her not be a victim but discover the root to her disability and found much more than healing. She found the greatest understanding she could ever discover. She found herself, and the understanding of her anatomy and biology and started understanding the magic that she was keeping locked within all the chronic pain, mental trauma, and PTSD she was dealing with for years. By going to the root of her anatomy and not the cause or effect of her disability she discovered her pain went deeper than the physical injuries she was dealing with at that time.

Through her understanding of her amazing anatomy Rena was able to overcome a lot of adult and childhood trauma’s, end chronic depression and got to understand how to do it on an internal level vs the external level society has accustomed us to. Because of this she wanted to share with her community how we can start to not only heal ourselves with a greater understanding of our internal wellbeing. But also, that our healing will reflect back into the community of Fresno where it will not only unite us as Fresno residents but also allow us to become a City that stands for unity and that draws revenue and growth to our residents and community as well.


When we find the root cause to any illness, sickness, external issues, or disability, we find the solution, and Rena’s goal is to help Fresno City see there is a solution to helping us rise in unity on every level, and stature through healing internally the trauma that our past understanding has place upon us all as an whole. This led her to start a 501c ministry where she sows her magical seeds into Fresno, and her future goal is to partner with Fresno City helping unite us against our barriers through greater understanding in our anatomy. She is a Certified life coaching where she teaches the understanding of life on an internal level vs an external level proving that our magic lives within just waiting for us to unlock it. Written by CJ, Blanc

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R. Mikki Addison is a Black Magical Woman because she is a community activist, mental health clinician, social worker, and motivational speaker. As a motivational speaker, she has a special interest in issues pertaining to women, teenage boys and girls. Mikki graduated from Thomas A. Edison High School, Fresno, CA, graduated with her B.A. in Communication from CSUF in 1987. Additionally, she received her Master’s in Social Work (MSW) in 1995, again from CSUF.



With her MSW degree in hand, she became employed from 1995 until 1999 by Positive Attitude Outlook. She was a social worker to children placed in court-ordered foster homes.


In 1999, Mikki was hired by Fresno County Behavioral Health as a mental health clinician. She worked at the Fresno County Jail for seven and half years as a member of the Jail Psychiatrist Services (JPS) team. In 2008, she transferred to the Juvenile Justice Campus (JJC). Mikki remained at the JJC until 2014 when she retired from employment with Fresno County.


Mikki the owner of “For The Inside” designer of stylish tee-shirts, postcards, and greeting cards. Introducing Rac the Raccoon, a future cartoon spokesperson.  



Her book, “Be Still & Be Quiet” deals with our current problem of raising well-behaved and well-adjusted children. Many former practices have changed due to research, laws, and habits. Some schools, as well as, other institutions have gone out-of-the-discipline business. Technology ideas have changed on how best to discipline children. 



Mikki’s book is an opinionated book that she felt qualified to tell parents about and suggest ways to achieve better results when dealing with their young children and adolescents behaviors. Now, it’s time for parents to connect and deal with raising their children by taking on more parenting responsibilities.

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Kimberly Tapscott-Munson was born March 12,1964 to Patti Walker Tapscott & Benny James Tapscott, Jr. in Oakland, CA. Kimberly grew up in the Bay Area, and in Fresno, CA. during the summers and holiday vacations. Kimberly was also raised under the loving touch of Betty Kennedy-Tapscott, her second Mother. Kimberly attended Britton Middle School and Live Oak High School, all located in Morgan Hill, CA. Kimberly studied the Art of Ballet for 10 years and mastered dance en pointe. In 1982 Kimberly graduated from Skyline High School, in the hills of Oakland, CA. Kimberly is an expert skier, skiing at her favorite slopes of Heavenly, Bear Valley, and Squaw Valley in Olympic Valley, CA. Kimberly also modeled professionally for a private designer, while she resided in the Bay Area.


Kimberly have 3 beautiful daughters, Karea Dorothy, Pridjet Carrie, and Briona L. Mary. Kimberly had a very successful career in the Bay Area, while working for such companies as I.B.M., Apple Computer, and Mutual of New York where she was a Life Insurance Underwriter and the Manager of the Death Claims Department.  Dr. Donald K. Cheek became her Second Dad, who has been a constant inspiration in Kimberly's life, for over 20 years. Kimberly begin to work for Fresno Unified School District, where she was employed for 20 years as a School Librarian, she was fondly referred to as "Ms. Kim" where she ran her library with "Tough Love" where the rules were followed with her loving touch. Kimberly was dedicated to the children of F.U.S.D. she could have sought employment elsewhere and have tripled her salary but she chose to stay with F.U.S.D., to be there for the children, this was her Ministry! For Kimberly always felt that the Library was the "Heart of the School" and students would come to the Library to seek, knowledge, love, words of encouragement and most of all … a hug!kimberly2.png?profile=RESIZE_710x


In 2008, Kimberly married Darryl Munson, the love of her life and with this union she gained another son, Joseph D.  kimberly3.png?profile=RESIZE_710x

In 2017, Kimberly took a bold step out on faith. With a desire to represent her beloved community in District 3, by running for City Council. This was her first Campaign, and with little knowledge of the process. But if you know Kimberly, then you know she is not one that walks away from a challenge, she's a fixer. She will look a problem square in the eye, and start to make a plan of attack, with a Plan A, Plan B and always the wonderful backup to the backup… a Plan C! Little did she know that she would be running against 5 outstanding men! Kimberly looked at this opportunity as she was forming 5 business relationships for the future and form, she did. But what was beautiful about the District 3 Race is that all 6 candidates truly had a passion for District-3 and they all felt qualified for the position. Needless to say, she learned a lot from the process. She learned that she couldn’t do it alone and that she needed a team!Kimberly4.png?profile=RESIZE_710x

Kimberly states, "Education (FCOE) We Will Make History! I Will Be The First Woman Of Color Elected the First!" And in November's Primary Election of 2018, she won her election with over 12,000 votes! She ran against 3 other people. Kimberly has currently completed her 1st year of her 4-year term. It is exciting to see her in this role as the 1st Woman of Color Elected to The Board!

Spring 2019 she had the pleasure of becoming a Soror through Legacy into the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Alpha Nu Omega Chapter, in Oakland CA. We are known as " The girls with the 20 pearls." With 15 of my line sisters. I am a double Greek Legacy, for my father belongs to the Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity Chapter, in Fresno, CA.  Kimberly is also a DOL: A Daughter of A Link.

October 28, 2019, Kimberly ventured into another stream of revenue. KTM Consulting Services. " The Answer… To All Of Your Questions!" Which lead to a new position as Community Engagement Consultant to the City of Fresno. Through Board Council President Miguel Angel Arias Office in District 3.  Kimberly quoted, "I'm Just A Girl Boss… Building Her Empire!"kim.png?profile=RESIZE_710x

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LaTasha Jones was born in Los Angeles, CA in a crime infested community that bared street signs that
read, “One way in, no way out.” The many years of LAPD sirens and helicopters echoed throughout her
sleep many nights in fear of who would be killed and/or arrested. Cleary by the age of 6, LaTasha had
already internalized that the ongoing police and ambulance sirens were a sign of trouble and not a sign
of rescue. Rather than succumbing to the statistical predictions, LaTasha channeled much of her
childhood trauma by writing (unpublished) short stories entitled, Little Girl Lost and The Exit which
continues to be a passion of hers to date.


LaTasha have been providing services in human suffering for over 25 (twenty-five) years. More than 20
(twenty) years as a Social Worker Practitioner in Child Protective Services, Emergency Response Division. LaTasha has also worked and advocated as a social work clinician in one of California’s crime riddled,political correctional systems. LaTasha obtained an Associate Arts (AA) degree in Medical
Administration at San Joaquin Valley College. She then obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts (B.A) degree in
Social Work and a Masters in Social Work (M.S.W.) from California State University, Fresno. LaTasha
have also completed, Intensive Child Welfare Title IVE training and entrepreneur development training.


LaTasha have effectively integrated her passion for women & youth empowerment, community
advocacy and leadership development in founding two groups that she remains committed to. B.L.I.N.G
(Business Ladies Informational Networking Group) and SPOT (Sharing Positive Opportunities w/Teens);
which is a youth entrepreneurship nonprofit program for youth.


BLING is a platform for women in business or aspiring business leaders to develop, grow and/or expand
their business. LaTasha acts as the group’s facilitator and has assisted women in global marketing
strategies. LaTasha has earned quite a reputation for her business model to incorporate
“intergenerational training” which challenges women to mentor youth in every aspect of their business
development. Despite been really busy with her daily servitudes, LaTasha made time to launch
Talk2Tasha Services which serves overextended six figure professional women to tame their crazy
schedules and balance self-care and mental stamina.


She disrupts any stereo typical false imagery that nothing ‘Good comes from the Hood.’ She went from
Section 8 to 8 forms of income and has become a savvy real estate investor, and two-time best-seller
author and absolutely love teaching others how to so the same.

LaTasha credits her ability to undertake more than the norm by the strength and direction given to her
by her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who have blessed her with a supportive mother and husband of 23
years along with their three children who has unselfishly shared their parents with many “community
children” in need.



If you would like to meet and celebrate with Tasha, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us at our All Black Affair – Black Magical Award event on February 29th at Smugglers Banquet at 7 pm.

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Angela Scott was born in Los Angeles California January 22, 1978 where she attended Warren Lane elementary school, Markham middle school, and eventually moving to Hanford California to attended Hanford West high school. While in high school she received a scholarship to Lawrence and Company Beauty college. After graduating and receiving her cosmetology license, Angela went straight into the hair and beauty industry. 


From a child all the way through adulthood she faced many challenges. As a child with her father being incarcerated, him not being there left her with a void in her life. Things got hard for her mother and 3 sisters which led to their move to Hanford California. Overcoming stage 4 cancer marking this year 10 years cancer free! She says “Sometimes I got to remind myself of all the things I’ve been through and encourage myself to keep going. Through all the things I’ve already been through I’m still here. I made it through by the grace of God. It doesn't matter what your situation looks like at the moment, keep fighting and you will make it through!” 


After moving to Fresno, she eventually opened her first hair salon and boutique called “Diva Lashes Hair & Accessories” in 2008. She didn’t begin there though. With the passion to help people and a heart of gold, she saw that there was a community in need of her help. She was heartbroken to see such a large number of homeless women, men, and children in her community. Beginning in 2004 to this day, Angela decided to do her part in giving a helping hand to the less fortunate in whatever way that she could. She started off making meals with a some of her friends to hand out to anyone that needed food. She began going out to motels, parks, G street, downtown Fresno, and anywhere she had seen homeless people. It wasn’t just the homeless people she fed though, whoever was hungry during the food giveaways got food. After a year or two of feeding the homeless at least once a month she decided to put a name to what she was doing, so she started her small non-profit organization called “ACT Helping Hands”. Angela’s organization was designed strictly based on helping the community in any way that she could, giving people information to resources that they might not have known about in the community such as housing assistance, other local food resources, mental health, counseling, or even if they just need prayer. We all have to do our part to make our communities and world a better place and that has always been her goal. Angela is a women who definitely goes the extra mile. 


Angela’s love for cooking begin as a child and grew with her into adulthood from watching her grandmothers, mother, older sisters, and other family and friends. In her grandmother’s kitchen there was always something cooking that you could tell was coming from the soul. Her mother Kathy taught her how to prepare food and to always cook as if she was cooking for the president. She also taught Angela that if she loved cooking that her food should reflect the love that she puts into it. Angela’s passion for cooking took her on a journey that she never expected. From feeding the homeless every month all around Fresno, to having a full-blown snack bar and Soul food kitchen in her apartment Angela’s name and her delicious food started to circulate around town and the love for it started to grow. Angela eventually decided to go to school and get her food management certificate along with other certificates in Health & Safety and Culinary Baking. She started to do small cooking events around town, private catering jobs, and even private meal prep and cooking lessons. That’s when Angela realized she was born to cook, and wants to share her love of cooking with the world. She opened her small catering business in 2017 called “Angela’s Taste of Soul with a Twist” a barbecue and catering company that has been very successful. Angela is now working on her very own cookbook, so that she can fulfill her dream of sharing her cooking and recipes with the world and is also continuing her education in the Culinary arts. 



Angela says she "wouldn’t be anywhere without keeping faith and God first in her life”. As a loving mother of three beautiful children Elijah, Antonae, Lil A.D. and wife to A.D. Burrise she believes the community is also a part of her family and that she’ll always continue to do her part to lend a helping hand whenever it’s needed in the community.


If you would like to meet and celebrate with Angela Scott, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us at our All Black Affair – Black Magical Award event on February 29th at Smugglers Banquet at 7 pm.

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Anita Paggett is the Owner of Nitaann’s Edible Creations Home based Bakery. This came about after
she retired from the Postal Service after working there for 22 years. She is a mother of four children
and four grandchildren. Anita’s mother, Annie, realized Anita starting picking up habits of an entrepreneur at an early age. Anita was already making homemade ice cream and baking cookies and she would set up a little table in front of their home and sell her deserts.  


Over the years she has won several cake decorating contest. She received recognition 4 years in a row in The Big Fresno Fair cake decorating contest. She received 1st place, Best of The Show and Judges Choice ribbon. When she isn’t tied up designing cakes for fairs, custom orders, birthdays, etc., She teaches  classes at Michael’s Craft Stores within Fresno and Clovis. Anita also loves setting up her pop up booth at Vibe Festivals in-which she has participated at every festival since 2017. Anita's booth is all white with purple labels, it's vey hard to miss when she also has all the deserts for sale. 



On February 15, 2020, Anita and Gregory Washington joined each other in marriage. Anita also decided to merge her business with her husband restaurant called Smokey’s Grill. The new name now is Smokey’s Grill and Bake Shop. She bakes desserts and yeast rolls daily. In the future she plans on opening a location where she can teach culinary, baking, and cake decorating. 


Smokey’s Grill and Bake shop is located at 2707 N. Hughes, Fresno, CA 93705. (559) 477-7977 or (559)

If you would like to meet and celebrate with Anita Paggett-Washington, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us at our All Black Affair – Black Magical Award event on February 29th at Smugglers Banquet at 7 pm.

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Julie Valentine was born in Berkeley, CA and raised in Oakland, CA. Julie has been a local school bus driver for over 24 years, 15 of those years she was a certified Bus Driver Instructor, training numerous bus drivers throughout California. She received the Blackwell Award in 2017 which represents over 20 years of accident free school bus driving. She currently works for a charter school in West Fresno. She has a heart for children and has always believed that she plays a vital role in making sure kids make it to school safe to get the proper education needed to be successful in life. 


Julie is also the owner/operator of Southern Belle Sweet Tea.   She has been a vendor at all the Fresno Vibe Festivals since the day they started in 2017.  She aims to tickle your taste buds with a southern, authentic taste of nostalgia. While a California girl at heart she cherishes the “southern way”.  Julie’s recipe, an updated version of a generation-old recipe will have you running back for another ice-cold cup. Originally enjoyed as a cherished family treat, she shares a tradition that has been bringing her family & friends together for generations.  



She is the oldest of 3 girls and 1 boy.  The loves of her life include 3 daughters, Jasmin,(Brandon)  Kally and Jessica (David) and 1 son, Ricky, (Roberta). She is also Nana to 7 granddaughters, Jaylin, Morgan, Lauren, Kalaya, London, Scarlet and Judeth and 1 grandson, David.   Numerous God-children and babies from other Mothers. She is the oldest girl out of over 200 cousins. She is divorced.  


She considers herself in her “Second Spring”.  Her current goal is to solidify her retirement in Las Vegas, NV.  Lord willing, she will turn 60 in March and states “If anyone thinks I’m magical as I turn 60, I’ll take it!  She thanks Adrian and the entire Vibe staff. May God bless their hearts!


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Karla Kirk is an instructor and lead faculty member for the historic African American Studies program at Fresno City College, which began in 1969 with a single course in Black history and has since grown into one of the most comprehensive African American Studies Associates Degree program in the state. The program was led by Kehinde Solwazi for more than 40 years before retiring in 2011. Mrs. Kirk was a student in the Fresno City College African American Studies program from 2002 -2005 under the mentorship of Mr. Solwazi, who inspired and motivated her to return to Fresno City College and carry the program into the 21st century. 


Mrs. Kirk attended Fresno Pacific University to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in History (2007) and a Master’s Degree in World History (2010), both with an emphasis in African and African American history and culture. Mrs. Kirk began her teaching career as an adjunct instructor in the Cultural/ Women’s Studies Department, which houses the African American Studies program in the Fall of 2010, and was hired as the lead faculty of the African American Studies program in Fall 2011. Over the past nine years, Mrs. Kirk has expanded and updated the course offerings within the program, developed an online course to meet the educational needs of the 21st century student, and significantly increased the number of students majoring in African American Studies at the Associate’s level as a base educational foundation for students transferring to four-year universities, and a cultural foundation for students who live and work in the community. Karla1.png?profile=RESIZE_710x

Mrs. Kirk’s goals for the program include increased outreach to the K-12 systems in Fresno County to create greater avenues of access to higher education, as well as increase awareness of the opportunities that are available to adult students in the community who wish expand their career option or to be life- long learners. Mrs. Kirk, who was born and raised in Fresno, Ca, holds a deep commitment to the rebuilding and strengthening of her community, and strives to be a resource in achieving those goals.


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Regina Williams is an Entrepreneur, Youth Leader, Community Advocate, Spoken Word Artist and Legal Professional. Her Passion for Law and Empowering the Community can be traced back to her early teens where she spent significant amounts of time sitting in the back of Court rooms for a few hours a day to add a bit of excitement in between her bus routes from East Fresno to West Fresno where she grew up.


At 16 she was emancipated and enrolled herself in Phoenix Job Corps where she began her business studies. Taking this New found Freedom by the reigns she submerged herself in corporate mentorships hanging close to those in the Legal Profession. With No traditional legal training, simply faking it to make it with terminology she learned sitting in the back of Fresno Court rooms…She was offered the opportunity to Sit as Presiding Judge over ASU’s High School Mock Trial program and inspired 10 of the 15 students to pursue a Career defending Justice. Regina1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

As the Founder of Q.I Enterprises where she’s  Helping you choose Future moves, And Sold.Org where she is bringing urgency to the Need to Standup Or Lay down…Harnessing the Potential in are youth still lays at her hearts core. regina2.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

Regina’s current mission is to:

  1. Build an impenetrable team of Paralegals in partnership w/pro bono attorneys in attempts to derail sentencing disparities, particularly amongst our youth. 
  2. To arouse and stimulate awareness coupled with a sense of urgency around vital issues as she believes youth have been desensitized to pivotal circumstances. By Founding S.O.L.D-Standup Or Lay she has positioned herself to share truth and highlight statistical facts while listening carefully to what youth have to say, taking special consideration how their ideas and opinions can be maximized. S.O.L.D is set out to Amplify and harness the power of our youth’s voice. Empowering young people to participate in decision making processes, particularly those impacting their own lives.regina3.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x

If you would like to meet and celebrate with Regina, we are thrilled to invite you to celebrate with us at our All Black Affair – Black Magical Award event on February 29th at Smugglers Banquet at 7 pm.

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