ISSA VIBES Pisces Affair Recap


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Ladies and gentlemen, it was truly a celebration of some of Fresno's finest Pisces. And I am honored to have been a part of such an amazing day for all of you. First and foremost, let's give a round of applause to the stunning  Talia Neal. She truly slayed with her beauty and grace. And let's not forget to book with her new business T’Monique Beauty Bar, because she is a true boss lady.  Alberta Marqui Malone, you were the life of the party, even though you left early, you showed us your hidden talent for karaoke after a few drinks.. Keep shining, girl! Jeremy Williams, where were you all night? We were all excited to finally see you out and about. But you never showed up. Well, I guess we will have to catch you at the next bash. 




Christina White, you blessed us with some amazing afrobeats music. And I must say, we need more of that in Fresno. Let's tap into our culture and embrace it. After all, we are all family here.  Erik J. Fuller, you said you were partying with us, but we saw you at the Aries bash instead. No worries, we still love you for showing your support.  Jerry Da Voice Bowers, we were all waiting for you to bless us with your amazing voice. But you were a no-show. Nevertheless, thank you for your support and we hope to see you next time. Lakeisha Combs, you truly are a goddess. Your outfit was on point and you set the standard for all the ladies.Thank you for bringing the ISSA Vibes to our celebration.



Yasmine Haynes, your whole entourage was a vibe. From taking over the DJ booth to the amazing bottle service, you truly know how to party. And it was a pleasure celebrating with your daughter, Maci. We can see where she gets her class from. Stacey Va'Nae Mitchell, even though you were getting over a cold, you still showed up to support. And we promise to make it bigger and better for you next year. Leah Watters and her husband, you both came dressed to impress. This is what true couple goals look like. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you again next year. Yonea' Desire, our amazing bartender, you were lit and having a blast with your twin. I must admit, I kept mixing the two of you up all night. And your mom looks just like you, I can only imagine what your dad looks like. 





Theo Owens, thank you for being our DJ for the night. Who knew Spotify DJ's were the future? You kept the party going and we appreciate you. Tina Greathouse, another no-show, but we still love and appreciate you for supporting us over the years. I still remember your birthday from years ago, and we will definitely have to do it big like that again. Angela Murphy, you were hiding from me all night. Let's connect soon and catch up. Britney Finley, you rocked that green dress. We see you, girl!



Alyssa Lozado, we knew when we handed you the phone to DJ, you were going to take it to the next level. Thank you for turning up with us and for your continuous support. Tiesia, thank you for the last-minute call and for celebrating your birthday with us. And yes, I will definitely be needing a massage soon. Everyone, make sure to support her business Massage Lives Matter


And last but not least, special thanks to Diedre Curry for celebrating with us, even though she wasn't on the flyer. Make sure to check out her business at


Also special thanks to Tanika B'Real Branch & Niko Myles Robinson for celebrating with us. To all my fellow Pisces, thank you for celebrating with me. Until next year, see you soon. Keep shining and keep spreading love and positivity.



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