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Two years ago, Mike's food truck may have exploded into flames, but this past weekend, "Planet Vegan" was thriving. It was a symbol of hope, resilience, and community support. And for Mike, it was a dream come true. He had turned his tragedy into triumph, and his passion for veganism had not only changed his life but the lives of those around him. 




18 months ago, Mike's business was halted after being destroyed in a fire that injured a bystander and McElroy’s business partner Joe Ellis. Ellis spent several months in the hospital with second- and third-degree burns but is expected to return to work in February 2024. The community of Fresno rallied around Mike, showing an outpouring of support and love. They organized fundraising campaigns and donated their time and resources to help him get back on his feet. With their help, Mike was able to raise enough funds to launch a brick-mortar restaurant. 




The grand opening of "Planet Vegan" was a huge success, with lines of people eagerly waiting to try out Mike's famous vegan burgers and fries. The menu was simple yet delicious, and every dish was made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Mike's passion for veganism and his love for cooking shone through in every bite, and customers couldn't get enough.





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Dolls kitchen, home of gourmet food, specializing in everything good! Let's take a look into the life and story of the woman behind it all. 

DOLLS KITCHEN was established in 2015, by Ms. Gloria Hall, whose life and story embodies the simplicity of never giving up! Quiet as kept, Ms. Gloria Hall has had an interesting journey landing her to the restaurant  she finally calls home! From selling plates on corners, to opening her own restaurant, giving up has never been an option!


Ms. Gloria Hall was born and raised in Fresno California, in the early sixties. She went to Kirk Elementary and graduated from Edison High School. In this era, she shared that families were tight, and “would always come together”. She was the third eldest of fourteen children. Her father Leo, was a hard working farm owner & pitmaster from Texas, who once ran for city council. Her mother was an awesome homemaker, affectionately known as Doll, who she credits for values, and her love for cooking. At 9 years old she told her mom, one day she would open a restaurant, they had a special bond, she’d often tell her, she could do anything she put her mind to, and to “keep the food consistent”.


In her younger years, life took a toll and Gloria found herself in a life of drugs. This was not the life she was taught and she knew in her heart, she would overcome. In October of 1994, after getting arrested for the first time, Gloria made the decision that would be her first and last time. Upon being released after two months, she attended the “Amazing Grace” program, which was the start of a new life for her and her children. She made the total change, and this is when her childhood love for cooking was rebirthed. By the grace of God, she has been sober since 1994.


From 2015 - 2017 Doll’s kitchen was on the corner of Jensen and Chestnut, in the supermarket. At the time, this was a dream coming true. This location will always be dear, as leaving this location was due to expanding. From 2017-2018 she moved to a store on Chestnut and McKinley, this was the start of offering the dine in experience.  She closed her doors to support her family, unfortunately death had a toll.


The anticipated wait to return to the kitchen for Gloria is finally over! She has taken the time to restructure and is more prepared than ever to cater, serve and give the city of fresno, her nine year old dream that's  come true! As the April 1st grand opening approaches, she is humbled and says this is all “Through the Grace of God”. This Great grandmother, Sports loving, cowboy fan, says she is here to stay, demonstrating resilience at its finest. 


She Acknowledges her best friend Annette Harper, who reminded her in the tough times, to keep going. The efforts of Annette allowed her to make a name for herself in the Sacramento and Los Angeles area. She also Honors her friend and late sponsor, Rudy Jackson as a source of spiritual guidance and inspiration. She gives the utmost gratitude to her children and family, with a special thanks to her son Terrance for his personal sacrifices of relocating and leadership. 

She aims to live a life and share a story that merely pleases God, while inspiring others . She is unashamed and lives in her truth and if she can inspire one person, is fulfilled. She wants other minority business owners and those that aspire to keep going. “ We need more of you”. She wants to thank all of her online and walk-in customers and invite everyone in the city to meet her at the new location! As for Ms. Gloria and Dolls Kitchen, the best is yet to come, and we hope to see you and your family, April first!



Proverbs 18:16  “A Man’s Gift Maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men”

Writer by: Tanisha Sorrell

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Fresno Vibe is back and better than ever!

After a 2-year hiatus, due to health and other pressing factors,  Adrian Harris founder of Fresno Vibes is making his return. Mr. Harris has been known for his outstanding work in bringing change and entertainment to the beautiful city of Fresno, California.  With a new outlook and perception on Life, Mr. Harris is ready to finish what he started.


Born and raised in Houston, a city flourishing with a thriving nightlife and people that hustle to make things happen, it was evident to him that Fresno was missing something and he was determined to be that missing piece to the puzzle that Fresno desperately needed. 

At its highest peak in 2019, before covid, Fresno Vibe was a Trendsetter in the community. Serving as a space for aspiring entrepreneurs, millennial game changers or simply those who wanted to be involved and didn't know where to start. Harris' began hosting professional business mixers, and genuine spaces for real leaders and people to connect. He changed the game, from grown and sexy club events, a magazine publication, food festivals, business consulting and community advocacy, and award shows, he ultimately became that missing piece that Fresno needed. . 



So, what happened to the Vibe? What happened to Adrian Vibe Harris, the man with a plan, carrying the weight of the city on his shoulders? Why the 2 year hiatus, disappearing from the scene he worked so hard to build?

Adrian was determined and worked assiduously to build his legacy, executing multiple festivals, award and community events, he was eager to level up current business owners, helping to build up aspiring entrepreneurs, and create a platform for anyone to obtain the American dream in becoming a boss in their own right.  Working hours on end and carrying this weight on his shoulders came with a price. The stress of being a sole organizer without an established team, the backlash and ridicule from those hating the monumental strides he was accomplishing, not to mention the addiction to the rush he received from working under pressure, executing events, festivals and his Black Magical Women awards back-to-back. He loved the thrill, it gave him a rush.  The end result was satisfying, yet temporary, leaving Mr. Harris with a greater desire to take his own ventures to the next level and help more individuals.  All these factors ultimately took a toll on his life, his health declined resulting in him having multiple hospitalizations and an urgent need to put his health first.  If it was not for the pandemic,  Adrian would have continued to press forward, pushing himself at any cost.


Adrian was forced to take time, much needed self-reflection and to get his house and health in order.  Taking care of himself first, helping himself first, ensuring that his foundation is unbreakable, before being able to fully help the city and others.

“You cannot save others from drowning, without first saving yourself. Only then will you be able to throw them a lifeline and pull them to the surface.”

                                                                         -Adrian Harris 

While interviewing Adrian he said “With God first, myself, my family, business, and community in that order, my foundation is solid.  By pouring into myself, I have been able to be a better partner, build better relationships with my children and others. I wasn’t able to see things clear, until God walked with me through the valley to get me to the top of the mountain. I have arrived at the top and I can see things clearly and with a better perspective.”

“Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared.”


At this point you’re probably wondering, what now, what’s next?  What can we expect for Adrian Vibe Harris to bring to the table? Man!? Was all that time he took for self-reflection useful or even worth it? Did he regroup and change things up for something greater?  

Let me be the first to tell you, I definitely can attest to this!  The Vibe is back! Bigger and greater than ever before without a doubt.  Adrian never lost sight of his dream, he found life sustaining fresh air, learned how to breath it in and rose through it all.  He has made a subtle return by; 

Opening one of Fresno's premier all-inclusive venues, The Rosé.  Adrian is relaunching, an online community for people to connect, obtain information, and stay up to date on current events. Adrian will be Opening a studio for photography and Videography offering professional services to business owners needing high quality videos & pictures.  Adrian is set to Launch Fresno Vibes Festivals in 2023. Adrian will also be launching a Pop-up Event Cohort, giving away his valuable and priceless knowledge to inspire the next generation of promoters and event organizers. 

Furthermore Adrian will be relaunching his very own Fresno Vibes magazine publication as well as The Black Magical Women Award Show (BMW).  Stay tuned by becoming a member of  community and receive the information first for all upcoming events, classes and community information.






Written By: Mysti Dailey

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